Christmas break

On the 30th of November I had my name day and being so nice the Shepperd family hosted a birthday party for their daughter, Julia, and also for my name day! Joy was so nice to prepare my favorite food - lasagna. I even got a cake. After dinner, we had a ping pong tournament in the basement and had a lot of fun. The last day of school before Christmas was Friday the 16th. I had about 20 free days. During this time we went hunting a few times with Big. You see, hunting is big here in Arkansas (pun intended). Especially duck hunting. The way it works is that there is a season when you are allowed to hunt. It lasts from late November till late January. We woke up early in the morning at around 5 and drove to the duck blind. After arriving at the parking you have to get out with all your guns and ammunition and hop on a boat that takes you there. So you find yourself in the middle of a swamp surrounded by fake ducks that are motorized so they attract the real ones. It is illegal to start sh

Dovolená na výměně

 20/11/22 Před začátkem svojí výměny bych nečekal, že se během jejího průběhu podívám až do vzdáleného Karibiku. Každopádně má výměnná rodina mi poskytla příležitost strávit týden na dovolené v Dominikánské republice. Na cestě tam jsem strávil pár hodin na letišti v Miami a napojující let směřoval rovnou do nejvýchodnějšího města ostrova, Punta Cana. Z letadla jsem viděl Bahamy a jejich proslulou tyrkysovou barvu. Pobyt jsme trávili v all-inclusive hotelu asi 15 minut od letiště. Už po příjezdu jsem si všiml hned několika jazyků, převážně francouzštiny a španělštiny. Po několika měsících poslouchání jen angličtiny to byla příjemná změna. Shodou okolností jsem tam narazil i na rodinu z česka a musím říct, že má slovní zásoba z mého mateřského jazyka velice zchátrala. Na dovolené jsem si díky mým nově nabitým jazykovým schopnostem dokázal najít velice dobré přátele ze všech možných koutů USA. Během našeho pobytu jsem měl možnost vyzkoušet snorchling poblíž chráněného ostrova "Catali

Louisiana & Florida

9/30/22 We decided to set out on an adventure to the biggest city in Louisiana. New Orleans, and subsequently to Santa Rosa, Florida. We arrived there more or less after 7 hours. I got used to these long distances, after all I have been here for some time already and me and my host family have been on many trips (you can read about them in my earlier posts). We stayed at a beautiful hotel and the next day we went to a World War II. museum. It was very interesting to see the WWII. from a different perspective. I noticed many times that the Czech Republic was mentioned there. I even saw a map with my home city on it :). It was very patriotic and at the end there was a short 4D movie that was dubbed by Tom Hanks. It was very moving. I must say that I enjoyed this exposition a lot. After the museum we decided to walk through the beautiful streets of New Orleans. I saw the famous Bourbon street that is the heart of the city after the Sun sets. New Orleans is famous for its bizarre cuisine.

First 2 Months

  7/20/22 That is the date of my arrival here. It has been over two months now and I have accumulated many wonderful memories, met an incredible amount of awesome people and noticed many interesting/different things. When I arrived in Memphis, I walked across the airport because the reclaim passage was on the other end. During these 5 minutes I was proud that I had successfully made this journey. When I walked down the moving stairs into the room where my baggage would be, my host family was already waiting on me there. The Jacksons are a family of 5 - Neal & Becca, the parents, and Solomon, Rose and Dean. With Solomon being the oldest and Dean the youngest. After waiting there for a good 10 minutes and getting to know eachother my baggage finally arrived. We grabbed it and walked out of the airport. I remember the shock, I was in an AC controlled enviroment for the past 20 hours so when the 37  °C/100  ° F weather punched me in the face it was really a big shock.  When we were in

The Beginning

 9/16/21 On this date me and my parents decided that I will participate in Rotary youth exchange. We sent the preregistration and waited until later instructions. Fast forward a few months and now it's January. At this time we've already done a lot of work that Rotary required us to do and now the most excruciating thing [looking back] awaited. Online meetings. That may not sound so bad, however each one of these 3 meetings were longer than 4 hours. If you imagine sitting at a computer with camera turned on having to look like you're not about to fall asleep from how many things they went through, it really isn't attractive. We pushed through these tiring meetings and made it to another part. The amount of places in my preferred states - USA, Canada, was getting smaller and smaller due to Covid-19 and war in Ukraine. Nevertheless, we did everything we could to have the best chance of making the exchange happen. Now we're somewhere in April. The date of the last meet

First Post

Hello, My name is Ondrej Kaspar On this blog I write about my student exchange year in USA.  This is my just an informative post. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me on ondra.kaspy